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There is a magical place in the Lesser Caucasus where the beauty of unspoiled nature combines with rich history,  and the goodness of its people, giving travelers an unforgettable authentic experience.

Egypt is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and rightly so.  The country is literally covered with ancient ruins dating back to the Pharaohs and their magnificent civilization. But there is more to Egypt than its amazing history. The people, the culture, the diversity, and its current political complexities intrigued me and I wanted to see it like a Native. I wanted to get an authentic experience, to… Read More

Writers, Photographers, Artists ……. Are you looking for inspiration? Adventurers, Hikers ….. Are you seeking good times in nature? Rejoice! California Parks have it all.

With only two more in the world; Farafra in Egypt,  Lençóis Maranhenses in Brazil, Jordan is home to the third unique white desert in the world.

  Are you in pain physically or emotionally? Do you think you are swallowing too many pills, partying, drinking, smoking, or eating to an excess? Is your smile fading away and your laughter less genuine than it used to be? Do you feel suffocated, stuck, or trapped? Well, if you have any of these symptoms or ailments, worry no more because I think I know the secret potion for eternal well-being and… Read More

13/1/2017 Some say: “Compared to Petra and the Dead Sea, there isn’t much to see in Tafila.” I beg to differ! If you are like me; where off-road adventures or treks to least traveled paths raise your heart beat, then Tafila is definitely for you.

Northern Badia; Safawi Iraqi Border with Jordan 6.1.2017 I left Amman with a hiking team from Jordan early on a Friday heading towards the Northern Badia Desert “Safawi” to see the one and only standing Tree; Al Biqyawiyya, but the desert has more surprises to offer!

23/12/2016 The beauty of Jordan lies in its location at the crossroads of Asia, Africa, Europe making it home of many civilizations. The archaeological ruins further attest to the varying civilizations that flourished in this region. One site portrays the distinctive marks of many historical periods whether Roman, Byzantine, Islamic or other. The Ummayad caliphate is one of the civilizations that left clear traces in Jordan. The Umayyads ruled over a vast… Read More

Jordan 9.12.2016   I find the Middle East extremely peculiar! Diverse geography, diverse weathers, diverse civilizations, multitude of stories from nations that passed leaving behind ruins attesting that every footstep we make was once taken by many. If we are ever short in archaeological ruins, we have a set of Holy Scriptures with a plethora of mind-boggling stories to fill in the missing space.  To hikers like me who carry an equal… Read More

What a hardship is the desert! Blazing Sun, painful sand ridden wind, dry lips and throat, soft sand making each step count for two if not three, 10 kilos of torture on ones back, so why do it! Because a friend once told me “If you’re not living on the edge, then you’re not really living” I said Amen and ever since, only on the edge I find life worth living.

 “Do you need a donkey lady? All the way to Alaska!” With an almost perfect British accent, I received my last donkey ride offer from a local as I walked the remaining miles out of the Siq; the main entrance and exit from the ancient Nabatean city of Petra in southern Jordan. I smiled faintly at the notion of a donkey taking me all the way to Alaska, and said “No, thank… Read More

Friday 2nd  of September, 2016 “15 km/ 10 hours, one way moderate route, near Karak; a narrow sandstone gorge with luxuriant vegetation and six falls, demanding abseiling skills.” Itai Haviv Covered approx 19 – 20 km two ways in 10 hours. Not an easy hike. My third canyon in Jordan/ The Middle East after Mukheiras and Hidan. Scrambling Skills Needed.