Adventures 1st


What a hardship is the desert! Blazing Sun, painful sand ridden wind, dry lips and throat, soft sand making each step count for two if not three, 10 kilos of torture on ones back, so why do it! Because a friend once told me “If you’re not living on the edge, then you’re not really living” I said Amen and ever since, only on the edge I find life worth living.

Friday 2nd  of September, 2016 “15 km/ 10 hours, one way moderate route, near Karak; a narrow sandstone gorge with luxuriant vegetation and six falls, demanding abseiling skills.” Itai Haviv Covered approx 19 – 20 km two ways in 10 hours. Not an easy hike. My third canyon in Jordan/ The Middle East after Mukheiras and Hidan. Scrambling Skills Needed.