Adventures 1st


What better way to chill in the summer than hiking in a canyon!

Temperature is rising, spring is dying, dust is in the air, I find myself humming Hot Town …. Summer in the City …. the back of my neck getting dirty n gritty …. I know it’s time to start exploring new cooling spots for this summer 🙂

  Are you in pain physically or emotionally? Do you think you are swallowing too many pills, partying, drinking, smoking, or eating to an excess? Is your smile fading away and your laughter less genuine than it used to be? Do you feel suffocated, stuck, or trapped? Well, if you have any of these symptoms or ailments, worry no more because I think I know the secret potion for eternal well-being and… Read More

13/1/2017 Some say: “Compared to Petra and the Dead Sea, there isn’t much to see in Tafila.” I beg to differ! If you are like me; where off-road adventures or treks to least traveled paths raise your heart beat, then Tafila is definitely for you.