Temperature is rising, spring is dying, dust is in the air, I find myself humming

Hot Town …. Summer in the City

…. the back of my neck getting dirty n gritty ….

I know it’s time to start exploring new cooling spots for this summer 🙂


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John Muir once said “of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt”.

I listened.

Whereas most of his dirt paths were in the green vegetation of California, mine are in the Middle Eastern deserts. Nonetheless, the outcomes are one; endless joy and many discoveries; the best components of an adventure 🙂

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“The view which the Mujib represents is very striking … the valley looks like a deep chasm formed by some convulsion of the earth into which there seems no possibility of descending to the bottom.” (J.L. Burckhardt, 1812) quoted in “Trekking and Canyoning in the Jordanian Dead Sea Rift” by Itai Haviv

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Jordan is truly an open air museum; everywhere you turn, there is beauty whether in its diverse landscapes or multitude of archeological ruins.

Like any museum, the only way to really appreciate the art is to wander from one masterpiece to the other, pause before the ones that strike a cord and enjoy the emotions and thoughts they trigger.

During my exploration of Jordan, I come across many of its most popular sites. Luckily, I also manage to see some of its unknown masterpieces just to find them as sublime but in need of care!

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Whereas Jordan’s South was covered with snow last Friday, its North was sunny, warm, and colorful 🙂

20/2/ 2014



Shubak Directorate in the South, credits Abdula Khashman


Ajlun in the North

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Some say, it’s the location of the biblical meteor that hit Earth 10.000 years ago, others argue that it’s a volcanic crater, and then there are those who reject both theories and say that Waqf As Suwwan is a fold came into being due to Earth compressions.

Whatever theory you choose to adapt, they are all extremely interesting and worth further investigation. I, however, left all controversy surrounding Waqf As Suwwan in Amman and hiked the Eastern desert purely out of love. I soon came to discover that not only does it have some of the most astonishing stone formations, but they also ring musical tones 🙂

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Let Nature Heal You



Hump by  Ercan Baysal

Are you in pain physically or emotionally?

Do you think you are swallowing too many pills, partying, drinking, smoking, or eating to an excess?

Is your smile fading away and your laughter less genuine than it used to be?

Do you feel suffocated, stuck, or trapped?

Well, if you have any of these symptoms or ailments, worry no more because I think I know the secret potion for eternal well-being and happiness 🙂

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The weather forecast warned of a snow storm and freezing temperatures in Amman, Jordan, but nothing could stop us. We were heading to a different world; one with hot springs and waterfalls, palm trees, red sandstone, and beauty everywhere we looked, we were heading to piece of paradise in the desert, to the biblical Valley of God; Callirhoe, locally known as Wadi Zarqa Ma’in.

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Some say: “Compared to Petra and the Dead Sea, there isn’t much to see in Tafila.” I beg to differ!

If you are like me; where off-road adventures or treks to least traveled paths raise your heart beat, then Tafila is definitely for you.

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Northern Badia; Safawi

Iraqi Border with Jordan


I left Amman with a hiking team from Jordan early on a Friday heading towards the Northern Badia Desert “Safawi” to see the one and only standing Tree; Al Biqyawiyya, but the desert has more surprises to offer!

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