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Monthly Archives: December 2017

Sadly, conflicts are a fact of life!  Wars and their weapons follow bringing devastation for generations to come. As such is the case in  Nagorno Karabakh also known as Artsakh; a de facto post-soviet republic located between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

There is a magical place in the Lesser Caucasus where the beauty of unspoiled nature combines with rich history,  and the goodness of its people, giving travelers an unforgettable authentic experience.

Graffiti is always controversial and divisive.  Art or Vandalism! Those writings or drawings, sprayed on a wall in big cities have been viewed by some as a form of art that needs protection. Others, on the other hand, believe it’s an act of vandalism thus punishable. But if graffiti moved from the walls of big cities to tree trunks, rocks, cliff surfaces, caves…  if it moved to nature paths where many seek… Read More