Things to do in Natural Bridges State Beach

If you are looking for a place to hike, photograph, surf, or simply bask in the sun, then I have got the place for you.

But wait, there is still much more to do!


Where else would you hike while surrounded by floating Monarch butterflies other than Natural Bridges State Beach  in Santa Cruz. Thousands of butterflies migrate every year from Canada seeking the warmth of California’s sun.  They find a safe sanctuary in Monarch Butterfly Natural Preserve creating a temporary Kingdom of Awe.



To protect themselves from wind, they cluster in rings intertwining their feet so as not to be dislodged by wind or rain. Once the sun is out, they break the clusters floating between eucalyptus trees, daisies, lilacs, and milkweeds looking for nectar and dew.


The Monarch Butterfly Boardwalk offers you the chance to see the butterflies up close and snap a few photos for this once in a year unique experience.

22406062_10154846404591120_1478849311104129831_n (1)


Hiking further, there is a  pond covered with algae. The pond is the resting point for migrating ducks and pelicans.


Then there the beach. The beauty of the waves compete with the surfers, and the natural rock bridges to offer the most amazing view.


The waves have carved these rocks creating caves and bridges that are a resting point for the seagulls.


A combination of Monarch butterfly grove clusters trail, beautiful beach, waves for surfing, tide pools, amazing rock formations and multitude of wildlife and migrating birds make Natural Bridges State Beach an amazing place for all sorts of recreational like hiking, picnicking, photography, surfing or simply basking in the Californian sun 
For more photos, click here

Writing & Photography

Samar M. Salma

12th of October, 2017

PS: This blog reflects my personal opinion and my personal take on many issues. Its not a scientific paper, the information used is based on internet searches and some scholarly articles. Its purpose is to entertain and everything mentioned is open for debate and correction. Content & Photos are copyrighted

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