Zubia Forest, Ajlun

Di Taylor and Tony Howard are two adventurers who visited Jordan for the first time in 1984.  They wanted to discover the climbing and trekking potential of this country.  By the time they were done, they have mapped out trekking routes that pass through some of Jordan’s most beautiful locations.

I have consulted their book “Walks, Treks, Climbs & Caves in Al Ayoun Jordan” to hike the densely forested part of Jordan.

The photos I have taken during my hike in Zubia forest, Ajloun in the north reveal the extent of the beauty Jordan is endowed with.

I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I have enjoyed taking them  🙂




If you look close enough, you will see his legs are caught in a spiders web 😦






Local bread called Gras Eid


Honey Shop in Jarash on the way to Amman


PS I started this hike from Tibna Village down to Wadi Atat and up again. Coordinates

Click here for more photos

Photos are copyrighted.

Writing & Photography

Samar M. Salma



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