Hiking the Melodic Eastern Desert; Waqf As Suwwan Ring



Some say, it’s the location of the biblical meteor that hit Earth 10.000 years ago, others argue that it’s a volcanic crater, and then there are those who reject both theories and say that Waqf As Suwwan is a fold came into being due to Earth compressions.

Whatever theory you choose to adapt, they are all extremely interesting and worth further investigation. I, however, left all controversy surrounding Waqf As Suwwan in Amman and hiked the Eastern desert purely out of love. I soon came to discover that not only does it have some of the most astonishing stone formations, but they also ring musical tones 🙂

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Let Nature Heal You


Hump by  Ercan Baysal

Are you in pain physically or emotionally?

Do you think you are swallowing too many pills, partying, drinking, smoking, or eating to an excess?

Is your smile fading away and your laughter less genuine than it used to be?

Do you feel suffocated, stuck, or trapped?

Well, if you have any of these symptoms or ailments, worry no more because I think I know the secret potion for eternal well-being and happiness 🙂

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