The Valley of Mercy


30/12/ 2016
I concluded 2016  with a hike in Rahma Wadi  “The Valley of Mercy” in Araba/ Jordan.

Jordan is endowed with so much unique beauty, many times I find myself lost for words to describe.

All I can say is may your paths bring you to this beautiful country and to see for yourselves.

Wishing you all a Happy 2017 🙂

Here is some of what is said about this valley:

“Undoubtedly one of the most impressive and pristine deserts in Jordan, Rahma (Rahmeh) in Wadi Araba north of Aqaba is a unique hiking area rarely visited by tourists. The area offers a range of high quality features: a Siq, exceptionally beautiful dunes, hills, rocky outcrops and even some vegetation in the middle of the desert.
The views are great, and you will experience a tremendous sense of space and isolation in the vastness of this landscape. The area is truly exceptional and equals, if not surpasses, the beauty of Wadi Rum.”

“Hiking in Jordan”

“Breaching a sheer wall of black rocks, Wadi Rahma descends through a spectacular serious of dry falls and giant potholes, often holding water long after the rains. Its major tributaries descend from south to north, directed by faults paralleling the Rift. The Wadi terminates in mud pan in the “Araba Valley without reaching the Gulf of Aqaba. At its outlet is the village of Rahma”

Itai Haviv

“Trekking and Canyoning in the Jordanian Dead Sea Rift”

For a photo album, click here

Samar M. Salma




Photos are copyrighted.

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