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27/1/2017 The weather forecast warned of a snow storm and freezing temperatures in Amman, Jordan, but nothing could stop us. We were heading to a different world; one with hot springs and waterfalls, palm trees, red sandstone, and beauty everywhere we looked, we were heading to piece of paradise in the desert, to the biblical Valley of God; Callirhoe, locally known as Wadi Zarqa Ma’in.

13/1/2017 Some say: “Compared to Petra and the Dead Sea, there isn’t much to see in Tafila.” I beg to differ! If you are like me; where off-road adventures or treks to least traveled paths raise your heart beat, then Tafila is definitely for you.

Northern Badia; Safawi Iraqi Border with Jordan 6.1.2017 I left Amman with a hiking team from Jordan early on a Friday heading towards the Northern Badia Desert “Safawi” to see the one and only standing Tree; Al Biqyawiyya, but the desert has more surprises to offer!

30/12/ 2016 I concluded 2016  with a hike in Rahma Wadi  “The Valley of Mercy” in Araba/ Jordan. Jordan is endowed with so much unique beauty, many times I find myself lost for words to describe. All I can say is may your paths bring you to this beautiful country and to see for yourselves. Wishing you all a Happy 2017 🙂 Here is some of what is said about this valley:… Read More

23/12/2016 The beauty of Jordan lies in its location at the crossroads of Asia, Africa, Europe making it home of many civilizations. The archaeological ruins further attest to the varying civilizations that flourished in this region. One site portrays the distinctive marks of many historical periods whether Roman, Byzantine, Islamic or other. The Ummayad caliphate is one of the civilizations that left clear traces in Jordan. The Umayyads ruled over a vast… Read More

Jordan 16/12/2016   A hike is never short of surprises or even discoveries if I may say so. My hike from Iraq Al Amir in the outskirts of Amman, Jordan to Al Kafrin Dam in the Jordan valley was one of those. Starting from the beautiful village of Iraq Al Amir, all I could see around me was greenery. Always a comfort from Amman with its concrete, traffic congestion and pollution. Olive… Read More